Google will use AI to translate the doctor’s prescription handwriting

Google will use AI to translate the doctor’s prescription handwriting

With a focus on doctor’s notes and prescriptions, Google is creating an AI model that can decode challenging handwriting. The search engine giant said at its annual conference in India that it was collaborating with pharmacists on an AI-powered machine learning model that could decipher clumsily written medical notes (via TechCrunch).

In-Depth details about Google will use AI to translate the doctor’s prescription handwriting:

During the event, Google displayed the feature, showcasing its ability to specifically identify pharmaceuticals in a handwritten prescription. There is currently no information available on the launch date for the new text-decoding capability or the specific products that it might be included in.

The Google AI translation tool is still in prototype mode and is not yet available to the general public. Users can either take a photograph of the prescription or upload one from their photo collection, according to the demonstration. The photograph will be processed after upload, and the software will recognize and highlight the medications indicated in the submitted prescription. “This will act as an assisting technology for digitizing handwritten medical documentation by complementing humans in the loop, such as pharmacists,” Google stated. However, no decision will be taken merely on the basis of the technology’s production.”

Google also said that it is working on a single and unified model to cover more than 100 Indian languages for speech and text. This functionality would allow millions of Android smartphone users, including Galaxy devices, to join the South Asian internet journey.

Similar technology has already been employed in Google Lens, an AI-powered multipurpose object identification application that can recognize items (such as products, plants, or animal species) and translate languages. The Google Lens app can already be used to digitally transcribe handwritten notes, however, the feature varied depending on how legible the handwriting was in our tests.

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