Jane Zhang a Chinese singer infected herself with Covid-19

Jane Zhang a Chinese singer infected herself with Covid-19

Jane Zhang, a Chinese singer, and composer is receiving a tonne of backlash on social media after claiming to have intentionally contracted the coronavirus. This occurs at a time when Covid-19 instances in China are alarmingly rising because of the BF.7 Omicron strain.

A brief about  Jane Zhang a Chinese singer infected herself with Covid-19:

The singer said that she contracted the virus while visiting pals who had the disease. According to the South China Morning Post, the singer said on Weibo that she also visited the homes of “sheep” who spread viruses.

Zhang’s absurd choice was justified by her claim that she wanted to contract the virus so that she wouldn’t be exposed to it when attending a New Year’s Eve concert. “I was worried that my health might be compromised for the New Year’s Eve performance. Since I still have time to recuperate from the illness, I consequently encountered a group of individuals who tested positive, she wrote.

The singer, 38, claimed that once she started having symptoms like fever, sore throat, and body aches, she went to sleep. She claimed that although her symptoms resembled those of a Covid patient, they only persisted for one day.

“All my ailments vanished after a day and a night of sleep… Before I felt better, all I did was drink a lot of water and take vitamin C, she said.

Her message and justification, though, were not well received by the general public. After receiving a deluge of criticism, Zhang was compelled to remove her post and issue an apology.

“Before posting my earlier posts, I didn’t carefully evaluate the situation. She posted an apology to the people on Weibo. “I was concerned that if I became ill during the concert, it would increase the likelihood that my coworkers would contract the illness once more. So I reasoned that since it was inevitable, why not become ill now when I didn’t have to leave the house so that I could return to work once I recovered? For all of us, it would be safer, according to Zhang.

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