Here is Everything you Need to know Regarding Reports that Samsung Phone Batteries are Reportedly Swelling up

Here is everything you need to know regarding reports that Samsung phone batteries are reportedly swelling up

Everything you need to know regarding reports that Samsung phone batteries are reportedly swelling up. Samsung has experienced its share of battery problems, and in 2016 was even compelled to announce a widespread recall of the Galaxy Note 7. This is undoubtedly one of the causes for the company’s caution when it comes to the battery size and quick charging methods it employs on its products. The company’s battery issues, though, could not totally be behind it.

Details about Samsung phone batteries are reportedly swelling up:

Arun Rupesh Maini, aka Mrwhosetheboss, a well-known YouTuber, claimed in a video that various Samsung handsets he’s kept throughout the years have bloated.

In his video, Maini said that as he was working on a piece about Samsung devices, the Galaxy Note8 “blew up.” We can see in the video that the smartphone has broken into two pieces as a result of the battery’s enormous expansion.

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Maini initially didn’t give this much thought and placed an order for a new device. But before he got the replacement, he saw that the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S10 both suffered the same fate.

After that, the YouTuber from the UK evaluated a number of his other devices, including Apple, Pixel, and Asus phones. These gadgets were all flawless. Hundreds of devices have been kept in the same location, at the same temperature, and in the same orientation, he said.

Three of Maini’s Samsung cellphones’ batteries blew out, he wrote in a tweet in July. Samsung then got in touch with the YouTuber and picked up the devices to look into the matter. The YouTuber has disclosed that it has been more than 50 days since Samsung picked up the gadgets and that firm has not yet responded or replaced the items.

Maini found that the Galaxy S20 FE, which had been delivered just 18 months earlier, had suffered the same fate after examining all of his Samsung devices several times. Batteries are supposed to last at least five years, he continued, so it would be unusual for one to start expanding after only 18 months.

At the moment, those who have kept their device in storage for a while and haven’t used it frequently are the ones who are reporting the problem the most. If you are using a Samsung smartphone or have such a device with you. You can just keep an eye on the battery and if kind of issue you notice then contact immediately to your nearest Samsung service centre.

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