Hyundai will launch the Verna New Gen sedan 2023 in India soon as its first official teasers are out

Hyundai will launch the Verna New Gen sedan 2023 in India

The fourth-generation Hyundai Verna will shortly make its public debut. Automotive rendering artist Pratyush Rout has created a realistic rendering of the fourth-generation Verna sedan based on the design sketches provided by Hyundai.

In-depth details about Hyundai will launch the Verna New Gen sedan 2023 in India soon as its first official teasers are out

Hyundai has formally unveiled the first exterior photograph of the new Verna sedan ahead of its international launch on March 21, 2023. The Verna is presently accepting reservations, with a Rs 25,000 deposit required. The brand’s Sensuous Sportiness design language, according to Hyundai, is featured on the new Verna as well as other more current vehicles including the Tucson SUV, the most recent Elantra that is sold abroad, and the just-unveiled Hyundai Grandeur sedan.

In terms of the look, Hyundai appears to have been influenced by the Elantra. The front more closely resembles Hyundai’s most current Parametric design aesthetic. The 2023 Verna sports LED-equipped headlights that are housed in several reflector barrels.

A horizontal light bar that spans the breadth is visible. This LED bar is divided into three sections, with two smaller ones on either side and a larger one in the middle. Contrary to what one might anticipate, these smaller LED components are not turn indicators. Instead, Verna has halogen turn signal bulbs underneath the headlights. Similar to the Stargazer MPV, the centre LED light bar is unlikely to be included with cheaper trims. The front fascia has small vents at either end that extend below the headlamps. They are presumably only there for aesthetic purposes.

A rectangular notch will be added to the front grille of the next Hyundai Verna. The teasers from Hyundai attest to the existence of an ADAS module. This resembles the rectangular ADAS module featured in the international Elantra very much. Above this ADAS module will be the front licence plate. cluttering up the front fascia a little.

Elantra and the fourth-generation Verna seem remarkably similar when placed side by side. The shoulder line, roof line, glass area, doorways, and all of the pillars are very clear examples of this. Even measurements seem to be comparable. The fourth-generation Verna is projected to share the same dimensions as the fifth-generation Honda City, Volkswagen Virtus, and Skoda Slavia.

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