India business growth boomed as Zoho surpasses USD 1 billion in annual revenue

India business growth boomed

India has led the expansion of tech company Zoho, whose yearly revenue has surpassed $1 billion. In 2021, India’s yearly revenue climbed by 77%.

While growth has slowed considerably in 2022 compared to 2021, Sridhar Vembu, CEO & Co-founder of Zoho Corp., said on the sidelines of Zoholics India, the company’s annual user conference, “Our varied product range & the fact that we save money for customers have benefited us thus far.”

Details about India business growth boomed as Zoho surpasses USD 1 billion in annual revenue:

Unfortunately, recent changes in our business, set against the backdrop of the steadily deteriorating prospects for the global economy, serve as a sobering reminder of our own technological limitations, he continued. The company, which has its headquarters in Chennai, also made plans to open 100 network PoPs (points of presence) in other nations over the next five years to give users a quicker network. Additionally, it pledged a tripling of investment in cutting-edge technology like blockchain and AI.

Zoho, which invests three times as much in R&D as it does in marketing, credits its success to excellent R&D capabilities across markets and categories, a broad portfolio, and the preference of companies for integrated offerings over standalone products. In the upcoming years, Vembu noted, “Our R&D focus is to further integrate our technology stack so that we can elevate the user experience.” Products from a variety of categories are being adopted, with the top products in India being Zoho One, CRM Plus, and the financial suite, which is headed by Zoho Books.

The business is also striving to support Indian languages with its blockchain and AI systems for global validation. Owning its own data center, Zoho. There are currently 12, with two in India. It runs its proprietary software on approximately 14 network PoPs. With more than 11,000 workers and a profit, Zoho also has more than 150 monitoring PoPs that let users check on the performance of their websites.

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