Justin Bieber’s world tour concerts has been officially cancelled

Justin Bieber’s world tour concerts has been officially cancelled 

According to multiple news sources, Justin Bieber has cancelled the final dates of his Justice World Tour. Since being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, the singing sensation has repeatedly postponed the tour; it now looks that he has formally cancelled the remaining dates.

A brief about Justin Bieber’s world tour concerts has been officially cancelled 

The performer hasn’t yet released a new statement regarding the situation. The Justice World Tour’s remaining dates, however, are no longer listed on his official website. A significant number of his scheduled performances posted on the Ticketmaster website have a “cancelled” designation as well. His world tour’s remaining dates were postponed until at least March 2023, it was revealed in October 2022.

The world tour for Justin Bieber began in February 2022. The Peaches singer was scheduled to give a performance as part of his Justice World Tour in New Delhi as well. The tour was put on hold in June 2022, though, after Justin Bieber received a diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a disorder that left part of his face paralysed.

After starting the tour again in July, the musician put an end to it in September. “The weariness overpowered me and I knew that I need to make my health the priority right now,” he said in an Instagram post in September last year.

“I travelled to Europe in an effort to finish the tour after taking some time to recover and talking to my physicians, family, and team. I put on six live performances, although it was quite taxing for me “Bieber at the time wrote.

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