Vivo V27 Pro comes with 50MP selfie camera

Vivo V27 Pro comes with 50MP selfie camera

Using alphabets that really provide information about the phone’s characteristics, the Vivo firm offers a well organised array of smartphones. Consider the V series, which focuses on providing the “ultimate selfie experience,” as many of the phones in this line are equipped with high-resolution front cameras.

In-depth details about Vivo V27 Pro comes with 50MP selfie camera

By its name alone, it is clear that the Vivo V27 Pro is a part of that range, therefore it is not surprising that it has a 50MP front camera. Yet the phone stands out from its siblings in that it might be the first V series phone to use a flagship chip. I’ll be investigating in this review just what that means for the typical user.

A little bigger than the “industry standard” 6.7-inch screen size is the Vivo V27 Pro’s 6.78-inch display. On paper, that might not seem like much, but when using the 6.7-inch Oppo Reno 8T 5G, you’ll notice the difference right away.

Because it can be challenging to find screen protectors that fit properly and because curved displays are more likely to be accidentally touched, people might not always prefer them. Yet I support them wholeheartedly. The Vivo V27 Pro is fairly manageable despite their size because to the smaller width, so they’re not only for show.

Naturally, it would have been unacceptable for Vivo to sacrifice the quality of the display in order to make room for the curves financially. The manufacturer is aware of this and equipped the product with a fantastic 120Hz display that has vibrant colours and outstanding sunlight legibility. The “Bright” screen colours option allows saturation to be increased even if the default configuration should be adequate as is.

turning around to get… The back of the Vivo V27 Pro is textured and fingerprint-proof, making it less slippery than plain glass. Since the phone weighs only 182g, prolonged use won’t cause wrist strain. The back’s color-changing feature is a great, blingy touch, but it requires direct sunshine exposure to activate.

Although it is a rung behind the flagship Dimensity 9000 chipset from MediaTek, the Dimensity 8200 is still regarded as a flagship. At highest settings, games like PUBG: New State and Call of Duty Mobile could be played without experiencing frame drops or heating problems. Although gaming isn’t a focus of Vivo’s V series, it’s true to state that this phone might be classified as a gaming phone.

The phone is a joy to use on a daily basis and doesn’t lag or stutter at all. As optimised as Android skins may be, FuntouchOS allows for speedy app launches and flawless scrolling.

Vivo is a division of BBK Electronics, whose smartphones have recently embraced the standard Android appearance. But I can state with certainty that Vivo’s FuntouchOS is the one that most closely resembles the experience you have on the Google Pixels, ahead of Oppo’s ColorOS, OnePlus’ OxygenOS, and Oppo’s ColorOS. By default, icons are rounded, and the fast settings panel has a look and feel that is quite similar to Android 11. If vanilla Android is your thing, you’ll adore how everything is put together.

My favourite feature of this smartphone might be the cameras. Since I’m not a professional photographer, I like the gadget to take control, which the Vivo V27 Pro does. For instance, when using the front camera, Portrait mode is activated automatically. No matter the illumination, the 50MP selfies have excellent detail, and the Portrait blurring is perfect no matter the background.

Just as remarkable are the cameras on the back. Smartphone cameras have advanced to the point that nearly all of them produce Instagram-worthy daylight photos. There are no complaints there since the 50MP primary back camera captures clear shots in harsh settings.

Nearly all of the samples included in this article were taken with Natural Colour on, and that mode does, in fact, produce images that are startlingly accurate to what the eye sees.

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