Mukaab, An Indoor Super-City In Riyadh is Saudi Arabia’s Next Mega-Project

An Indoor Super-City In Riyadh is Saudi Arabia’s Next Mega-Project

Have you seen the latest in Saudi Arabia? The ambitious “Mukaab” mega project in Riyadh has been announced by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund. It would be the largest contemporary downtown in the world and could accommodate 20 Empire State Buildings. The Mukaab, a 400-meter-tall by 400-meter-wide cube metropolis, will be the focal point of Riyadh’s new downtown.

In-depth details about Mukaab, An Indoor Super-City In Riyadh is Saudi Arabia’s Next Mega-Project 

The Mukaab will be a part of the larger New Murabba project, a construction plan intended to turn a 19 square kilometre area northwest of Riyadh into a thriving mixed-use neighbourhood. The project, which will be managed by the New Murabba Development Company, was unveiled by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz in February 2021.

The structure will have a futuristic twist on the contemporary Najdi architectural design. According to the developers, The Mukaab would include “ever-changing surroundings” made possible by holographic displays that interact with the surrounding urban environment and are created utilising digital and virtual technology.

Let’s say Saudis appreciate excellent concepts! A tower on top of a spiral foundation and a building with 2 million square metres of floor space will be enclosed by the cube, which will also house retail, cultural, and tourist attractions. Additionally, it will have business areas, leisure amenities, and residential and hotel accommodations. The New Murabba project will have a total of 1.4 million square metres of commercial space, 980,000 square metres of retail space, 104,000 residential units, and 9,000 hotel rooms. 1.8 million square metres of area will also be set aside for community facilities.

The New Murabba project, which includes green spaces, walking and cycling lanes, is destined to become a benchmark for sustainable urban development. In addition, there will be a theatre, a museum, a technology and design museum, and more than 80 other places of leisure and culture in the neighbourhood.

Living, working, and leisure options will be accessible to New Murabba residents within a 15-minute walking radius, while the airport will only be a 20-minute drive away. According to the project’s developers, it will generate more than 350,000 employment, making it a significant engine of regional economic growth.

The Mukaab project is expected to be done many years before the rest of New Murabba, which is expected to be finished by 2030. The project’s completion will mark a significant turning point in Saudi Arabia’s economy’s continuing shift away from its reliance on oil and gas exports.

The Mukaab and the larger New Murabba project give a strong indication of the Saudi Arabian government’s goals, which include making the nation a leader in innovation, technology, and sustainable development. If it is successful, the project might establish a new standard for massive urban development initiatives all across the world.

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