Now you can get direct flight from Bhubaneswar to Dubai, Singapore, and Bangkok

Now you can get direct flight from Bhubaneswar to Dubai

As the Covid-19 rage fades, the Odisha government is considering launching direct flight services from Bhubaneswar to overseas locations such as Dubai, Singapore, and Bangkok.

A brief on Now you can get direct flight from Bhubaneswar to Dubai, Singapore, and Bangkok

Following a dramatic drop in daily Covid cases across the country, the Odisha Government intends to start international flights from Bhubaneswar, pushing aviation firms to provide air services for Odias living abroad.

As a result, the State Transport Department has issued a request for proposals for direct flights from Bhubaneswar to Dubai, Singapore, and Bangkok. While offers from authorized aviation businesses have been requested, the State Government has apparently agreed to provide several incentives.

According to official sources, Odisha has made significant progress in education, industry, information and technology, sports, and tourism, among other areas. Because many Odishans live overseas, the government is prepared to encourage various kinds of transportation, including air travel.

“To encourage flying operations, the State Government has totally eliminated the VAT on aviation fuel and is also giving Viability Gap Funding to assist the projects.” According to the tender’s general terms and conditions, the interested aviation business will use aircraft with 70 or more seats. International flights from Bhubaneswar must be available at least three days each week, including Sunday. “The deadline for tender submission is November 28,” an official stated.

Notably, since the Covid epidemic, AirAsia has suspended its flights between Bhubaneswar and Malaysia. Despite the fact that the Centre has permitted international flight operations since the lifting of Covid restrictions, international flight services from Bhubaneswar have yet to resume.

Similarly, a request to operate flights from Bhubaneswar to Dubai and Bangkok has failed to gain approval from the Centre as well as the authorized corporations. Despite suggestions for direct flights to Qatar and Abu Dhabi, no progress has been made in this direction.

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