Top News Headline Stories from November 2022

Top News Headline Stories from November 2022

Are you interested in getting up to date on news, advancements, and trends in hot topics such as business, technology, and marketing? As a result, you’ve come to the proper location! We’ve compiled the top News Headline stories from November 2022 in this post.

Due to our tight schedules and involvement in our daily job routines, we no longer have time to stay up to speed on news and updates in the domains of business, marketing, finance, and technology.

This blog covered the news that gained the most readership from India to the rest of the world in November 2022. The most recent top news such as “big companies’ mass layoffs” along with “the problems and losses being faced by Elon Musk” will be found here.

Here are the top news headline stories from November 2022:

Now you can get direct flight from Bhubaneswar to Dubai, Singapore, and Bangkok

Due to Twitter issues, Elon musk has been losing 2500 crore everyday this year 2022

1.3 acre plot in the palm beach road sold for Rs.306 cr in an auction in Navi Mumbai

NASA officials said that within the decade Humans to live & work on the moon

Google has begun a performance evaluation and intends to fire 10000 employees who receive negative ratings

The Saudi Arabia royalty presents each team member with a Rolls Royce following their victory over Argentina

Vedanta announces 3rd interim dividend of 17.50 share

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, intends to hire engineers from India after laying off almost 5000 workers

A Bengaluru man had sued Reliance Retail for charging Rs 24.9 for carry bag

A new study reveals sanitary pads in India contains cancer and harmful chemicals causing infertility

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao says India is not a Viable Market for Crypto

Babushaan movie ‘Daman’ to Hindi dubbing in Mumbai for release in all India 400-500 theatres

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip was just released

Donald Trump’s Twitter account has been restored following Musk’s ‘voice of the people’ poll

Meta India operations made Sandhya Devanathan as Head & Vice president

Amazon begins mass layoffs around 10000 employees including software engineers to be impacted

The infrastructure for the 2022 FIFA World Cup is being built by an Indian enterprise for the first time

In Antarctica, scientists discovered life by chance beneath 3000 feet of ice

Penalty up to Rs 200 crore if firms don’t have safeguards as per Data Protection Bill

Chinese man completes 42-kilometer marathon in less than 4 hours while chain smoking

Beer sales are prohibited at all FIFA World Cup venues in Qatar

The government recommends everyone to update Aadhaar information every ten years

More than 1.2 billion people use mobile phones in India, and 600 million of them use smartphones

Skyroot launches India’s private rocket Vikram-S is a success

SEBI might release guidelines for people who have financial sway

After a large number of staff left Twitter, internet users want to bring back Orkut

Infosys plans to end work from home and ask employees to come offices twice a week

Maharashtra govt received 3 bids for Rs. 20000 Cr Dharavi slum redevelopment project

India’s first-ever Korean Fair was held in Chennai

Baba, starring Rajinikanth, will have a re-released in theatres

Salt Bae’s restaurant hands Rs 1.3 crore bill to customer

Cuttack Bali Jatra-2022 records trade of Over Rs 100 Crore

Sambalpur Municipal Corporation requests a ropeway test from the Jharkhand Institute

Twitter offices are temporarily closed following Musk’s two-day ultimatum, which resulted in mass resignations

The family office of Gautam Adani might open in Dubai or New York

Bangalore Airport in India is likely to list through an IPO the following year with a valuation of $300 billion

With greater enjoyment, Patha Utsav returns to Bhubaneswar

The $5 billion turtle-shaped floating city in Saudi Arabia

Infosys discontinues work from home and implements a three-phase hybrid approach that requires employees to come to the office initially

Adani, DLF, and the Naman Group have submitted bids for the Dharavi Redevelopment Project

Your buds are not headphones or earbuds, A study claims they might render 1 billion teenagers deaf

Construction of India’s first multimodal logistics park has been granted to RIL

11-Year-Old British Boy Has IQ Greater Than Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein

Adani’s open offer for a 26% additional share in NDTV is approved by SEBI

Apple is being sued after it was discovered that privacy settings on the iPhone do not prevent the device from tracking users

According to LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky, India is LinkedIn’s fastest-growing market

India introduced Digital currency with digital rupee

Odisha Government Declared Odia Movie DAMaN Starring Babushaan Mohanty to Tax-Free In Odisha

In Chennai, Reliance Industries will build the state’s first multimodal logistics park

Beginning in January, the world’s longest luxury cruise will go from Varanasi to Assam via Bangladesh

800 passengers onboard an Australian cruise ship test positive for Covid as it lands in Sydney

Twitter to charge Rs 719 per month for Blue tick verification as it rolled out in India

Indian CEO offers job opportunities to Indians ousted from Twitter and Meta, and claims his company is successful

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik will divorce after legal issues are resolved

India gets removed from the US Department of Treasury’s Currency Monitoring List

In Bengaluru and Hyderabad, Reliance Jio rolls out 5G

Suryakumar Yadav has raised his daily fees to Rs 65 lakh

Indian Man Moves to Canada for Meta Job but is Fired After Just 2 Days

For positions as research assistants, the Orissa High Court is accepting applications

Carry On and Harry Potter star Leslie Phillips died at age 98

Selena Gomez says that because of her treatment for bipolar disorder, she might never become pregnant

To stream movies, TV shows, and sports, YouTube has launched “Primetime Channels”

Snapchat will provide Indian sound creators monthly grants of up to $50,000

India business growth boomed as Zoho surpasses USD 1 billion in annual revenue

According to the CEO of Lamborghini, high taxes are preventing the expansion of the super-luxury car industry in India

According to the Supreme Court, tuition fees must be reasonable because education is not a for-profit enterprise

Elon Musk might charge everyone who uses Twitter for the service

Tirupati’s Lord Venkateswara temple Worth Over ₹ 2.5 Lakh Crore richer than Wipro, Nestle, ONGC, and IOC

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Acquired Metro AG’s Cash & Carry India For Rs 4,060 Cr

Accenture India fires several employees over fake experience letters by discovering the scam

Discovered nearest black hole to Earth as It’s bigger than our Sun by 10 times

New Xiaomi 12S Ultra concept phone comes with fully-detachable Leica camera lens

WhatsApp now supports Communities with up to 5,000 members

Workers at Twitter will put in 12 hours per day, seven days a week, to fulfill Elon Musk’s deadline

By the Year 2023, Electric Vehicles will become as affordable as petrol vehicles

As 1.5 lakh weddings scheduled for November, the wedding industry in Rajasthan is booming

iPhone 15 Pro versions are expected to ditch physical button design

Tata Group Plans To add Over 40000 Women Workers At iPhone Plant

NIT-Rourkela in Odisha Must Be Named After Legendary Leader Biju Patnaik, Says Alumni Association

In the first round of layoffs, around 2000 Twitter employees are likely to lose their jobs

According to the Bengaluru employee union, Byju is pressuring people to resign, edtech claims it’s part of 5% employment reduction

In order to become the sole director, Elon Musk fires the entire Twitter board

A competitor to Twitter founded by Jack Dorsey will soon start testing

China is channeling Black Mirror, showcasing a robot dog that can be launched by drone and is armed with a machine rifle

Due to strong loan growth, ICICI Bank’s Q2 net increased by 37% to Rs 7,558 billion

Tirupati temple’s assets worth over Rs 2.5 lakh crore declared by trust

Chinese brand Xiaomi discontinues its financial services in India

Bhubaneswar to Guwahati direct flight services to commence from New Year 2023

Bengaluru’s Auto Union releases a smartphone app

Byju’s employees allege forceful resignations in Bengaluru HQ, says K’taka IT workers’ union

Elon Musk said employees of Twitter to print out their code for review

Apple India’s profit rises up to 3% and revenue crosses $4 billion mark in FY22

PM Modi receives appreciation from Russian President Putin for his “independent foreign policy”

Neeraj Chopra Joins The Fight For Wakanda To Emphasize The Importance Of Fighting For One’s Country

For 1 Crore, the Indonesian country will grant you a 10-year “second home” visa

Mega ₹ 22000 Crore project between Tata and Airbus is awarded to Gujarat

Sprite is now a $1 billion brand in India, according to Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey

In Mumbai, Uber was instructed to pay a rider Rs 20k since the vehicle was late and she missed her flight

Philips will eliminate 4k jobs globally after disappointing quarterly earnings

Royal Caribbean’s new Cruise Ship will be The World’s Largest is set to sail in 2024

According to reports, Linkedin deleted roughly 6 lacs fake profiles that named Apple as their workplace

Rishab Shetty starrer Kantara inspires the Karnataka government to declare a monthly payment for Daiva Narthakas

Pernod is being sued by India for $250 million for undervaluing imports

SpiceJet increases the monthly salary of captains to Rs. 7 lakh

Liz Truss is entitled for a £115,000 allowance for the rest of her life after only 44 days in office

In West Bengal, a 16-year-old girl tries to sell her blood to buy a smartphone

Elon Musk claims that Tesla can outperform the combined worth of the two most valuable companies in the world, Apple and Saudi Aramco

Russia becomes the No. 1 oil supplier for India in October

Google was fined Rs 936 crore in India for anti-competitive behaviour

The ED initiates new searches in the Chinese loan app case and freezes Rs 46 crore with several payment gateways

Reliance would combine its financial services and list them on stock exchanges as Jio financial services

Top performers receive a 20–25% salary hike from Infosys

During the Seoul Stampede, 24 year old K-Pop idol-actor Lee Jihan passes away

Shiv Nadar of HCL becomes India’s Most Generous Philanthropist to Donate ₹ 3 Crore Per Day

Twitter plans to charge a $20 monthly fee for the blue tick verification badge

Mukesh Ambani breaks his own record by paying Rs. 1350 crores for the most expensive mansion in Dubai, located on the Palm Jumeirah IslandAir Works will be purchased by Adani Defense and Aerospace for Rs 400 cr

Rishab Shetty’s movie Kantara Hindi Box Office Collection Beats PS1 Hindi and maintains its winning streak

Ponniyin Selvan, a Mani Ratnam movie, becomes the first movie in Tamil Nadu to earn 200 crore rupees

Brand-new cars & bikes worth Rs.1.2 crore in gifts was given to employees in Diwali festival by A Chennai businessman


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