Ola is probably going to fire 500 people from different software industries

Ola is probably going to fire 500 people

Ola has some not-so-wonderful news. According to several media sources, Ola intends to fire 500 staff members from its software teams, particularly those responsible for developing the Ola app. The decision was made in response to the recently announced Ola S1 Pro electric scooter’s decreasing sales.

Details on Ola is probably going to fire 500 people

A source claimed that Ola intended to fire close to 500 workers from its software departments. The company has undoubtedly been restructuring for the past few months, and the most recent layoffs are probably a part of that process. Recent layoffs were announced at a time when the company’s electric scooter Ola S1 Pro was experiencing declining sales.

Ola has not provided any precise information about the upcoming layoffs or the number of employees it plans to fire. An Ola spokesperson just said the following in response to the circumstance: “Ola Electric, India’s largest EV company, has been sharpening its focus on non-software engineering domains with a clear focus on developing engineering and R&D capabilities across the vehicle, cell, battery, manufacturing and automation, autonomous engineering streams. The company currently has roughly 2,000 engineers on staff, and in the next 18 months, it wants to grow that number to 5,000. These activities have led to the company streamlining operations, restructuring, and eliminating redundancies in order to strengthen important roles and responsibilities and build a solid lateral structure “.

Recall that Ola recently let go of almost 2000 employees from its Ola Dash quick commerce section and Ola Cars used its automobile division. A number of senior executives, including members of Bhavish Agarwal’s leadership team, have also left their positions in the past two years.

There are challenges facing the technology industry. Recently, hundreds of employees were let go by a number of significant IT companies, including Netflix, Microsoft, and many others. Google has also warned employees to work harder or risk sanctions, which may include layoffs.

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