Out of 40 students nobody showed up for a US professor’s class

Out of 40 students nobody showed up for a US professor's class

A professor in the United States was upset when none of his 40 pupils showed up for his class. That, indeed, occurred. The lecturer, Joseph Mullins, rushed to Twitter to share a similar post. Do you, however, desire to know the cause for the kids’ absence? Mullins, on the other hand, was in the wrong room. Isn’t it amusing?

In-depth details about out of 40 students nobody showed up for a US professor’s class 

On February 15, Joseph Mullins tweeted about the rib-tickling incident. He said that none of his 40 students showed up for his lesson at 8.15 a.m. He was upset and sent them an email while sitting in the empty room. He received a response in 2 minutes and discovered that he had been seated in the wrong room the entire time.

“Today, nobody showed up to my 8.15am class. 0 students of about 40. Sitting in the empty room, I email them, trying to disguise my hurt feelings. 2 mins later, I get a reply: ‘Professor, we think you might be in the wrong room’. So anyway, off I go to live in a hole forever,” Mullins wrote on Twitter.

Mullins stated in separate tweets that he awoke around 4 a.m. to play a video game with his friends in Australia. He further said that his wife was constantly teasing him about his gaffe in every group conversation.

Joseph Mullin’s tweet got extremely viral online, garnering several replies from Twitter users. In the comments area, several people related their own stories, while others laughed out loud.

“I am dying but laughing *with* you I swear! I teach an 8am class this semester and would not at all be surprised if I did this. 8am is not my jam,” a user wrote on Twitter.

Another user commented on Twitter, “I’m crying. This is amazing.”

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