Over 6.5 million accounts on WhatsApp are blocked in India

Over 6.5 million accounts on WhatsApp are blocked in India

The instant messaging service WhatsApp reported on Sunday that during the month of May, it has removed over 6.5 million problematic accounts from India.

In-depth details about over 6.5 million accounts on WhatsApp are blocked in India

This action was in conformity with the new IT Rules 2021, according to a report by Zee News. The report also stated that 2.42 million of the total banned accounts were proactively blocked even before the country received any user complaints.

According to the study, WhatsApp, an Indian messaging service with a user base of more than 500 million, noted a substantial number of over 7.4 million banned accounts in April because of their problematic character. 3,912 reports of complaints, including “ban appeals,” were received by the platform in May. Of those, 297 cases were examined and the proper course of action was taken.

According to reports, the phrase “Accounts Actioned” alludes to WhatsApp being encouraged to take necessary action, such as banning an account or unbanning one that has already been banned. In other words, it denotes occasions where corrective action was taken in response to reports that were received.

The report on user safety, according to the business, includes details about user complaints received, WhatsApp’s response, and proactive steps made by the platform to prevent abuse on their platform.

In the meantime, WhatsApp has begun rolling out functionality for QR code conversation transfers for its customers. Users can move their chats between devices using the feature. The new feature will enable WhatsApp users swiftly move their accounts when switching from an old to a new phone. However, QR code chat transfer only functions when both smartphones are using the same OS.

Mark Zuckerberg of Meta introduced the functionality on his official Facebook page by posting a video showcasing it. “If you want to move your WhatsApp chats to a new phone, you can now do it more privately without your chats ever leaving your devices,” he said in the post.

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