PM Modi officially opens the Sohna-Dausa section of the Delhi Mumbai Expressway

PM Modi officially opens the Sohna-Dausa section of the Delhi Mumbai Expressway

On February 12, around 3 p.m., Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the Sohna-Dausa portion of the Delhi Mumbai Expressway.

The Delhi Mumbai Expressway’s 246 km Delhi-Dausa-Lalsot stretch cost more over Rs 12,150 crore to build.

A brief about PM Modi officially opens the Sohna-Dausa section of the Delhi Mumbai Expressway

The Sohna-Dausa segment will reduce the travel time from Delhi to Jaipur from 5 hours to 3 hours. This will also provide a significant boost to the region’s economic development.

According to a PMO announcement, the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway would be India’s longest motorway, stretching 1,386 kilometres. This motorway will lower the distance between Delhi and Mumbai by 12%, from 1,424 km to 1,242 km, and the travel time by 50%, from 24 hours to 12 hours.

The Delhi Mumbai expressway’s main features are as follows:

Reduce the travel duration between Delhi and Jaipur from 5 to 3 hours. The travel time from Delhi to Mumbai will be cut from 24 to 12 hours.

The motorway will connect key cities like as Kota, Indore, Jaipur, Bhopal, Vadodara, and Surat while passing through six states including Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra.

The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is the first motorway built with a 21-meter median based on forgiving highway principles that allow for inward expansion.

The motorway allows for rainwater harvesting at 500m intervals at over 2,000 water recharge points, as well as an automated traffic control system.

It is an 8-lane access-controlled Greenfield Expressway with future extension potential up to a 12-lane Expressway.

There would be about 40 important interchanges to connect Kota, Indore, Jaipur, Bhopal, Vadodara, and Surat.

A designated 3-meter-wide corridor for laying utility lines such as Optical Fiber Cables, Pipelines, and solar power generating.

The Expressway would also connect 93 PM Gati Shakti Economic Nodes, 13 Ports, 8 Major Airports, and 8 multi-modal logistics parks (MMLPs), as well as spurs to new planned greenfield airports including Jewar Airport, Navi Mumbai Airport, and JNPT port.

The Expressway will have a catalytic impact on the development trajectory of all adjacent regions, contributing significantly to the country’s economic change.

Aside from that, the prime minister will lay the groundwork for 247 kilometres of National Highway projects that will cost more than 5,940 crore. This includes a 67-km-long four-lane branch road from Bandikui to Jaipur that would cost more than 2000 crore, a six-lane spur road from Kotputli to Baraodaneo that will cost approximately 3,775 crore, and a two-lane paved shoulder of the Lalsot-Karoli portion that will cost about 150 crore.

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