Reliance Acquired Campa Cola to add local fizz into the Cola market and aims to launch on Diwali

Reliance Acquired Campa Cola

For about Rs 22 crore, Reliance Acquired Campa Cola from the Delhi-based Pure Drinks Group. In October, the drink is anticipated to be reintroduced in its classic cola, lemon, and orange flavor.

In-depth Details about Reliance Acquired Campa Cola:

Thanks to Reliance Industries, which bought the soft drink brand as part of its plan to expand the FMCG sector, Campa, previously the market leader with its Cola version Campa Cola, will make a comeback in October. In a deal valued at roughly $22 crore, Reliance purchased the brand from Delhi-based Pure Drinks Group.

In addition, Reliance Industries purchased the soft drink brand Sosyo from the Pure Drink company as part of its plan to expand the FMCG industry. The relaunch of the brands is anticipated for this year.

The company may compete with Pepsi and Coca-Cola in the beverage sector as a result of the acquisition of the venerable Campa brand.

The news of the acquisition comes days after Isha Ambani, director of Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd, revealed on August 29 that the retail arm of the firm is preparing to expand into the FMCG industry.

With this move, Reliance Retail would enter a market worth more than $110 billion in the nation and face off against FMCG behemoths like Hindustan Unilever, Nestle, Britannia, etc.

Through the sale of its many private brands in its supermarket chain stores, including Reliance Smart, Reliance Mart, and JioMart, Reliance Retail already has a presence in the market.

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