Shankar Mishra, an Air India pilot who urinated on a woman, was fired by his employer Wells Fargo

an Air India pilot who urinated on a woman

With regard to the unfavourable occurrence in which Shankar Mishra peed on a female fellow passenger on an Air India flight on November 26, 2022, his employer Wells Fargo has terminated his employment with the company. He was dismissed by the international corporation for peeing on his elderly co-passenger in business class on an Air India journey from New York to New Delhi, who was in her seventies.

In-depth about Shankar Mishra, an Air India pilot who urinated on a woman, was fired by his employer Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo released a comment regarding this, stating, “We hold workers to the greatest standards of professional and personal behaviour and we find these allegations profoundly troubling. This person has been let go by Wells Fargo. We are working with law enforcement, so please send any further questions to them.

The American financial services company with its headquarters in California, Wells Fargo, employed Shankar Mishra as its vice president for its India division.

While Delhi Police wrote to the authorities and issued a Look Out Circular, Shankar Mishra is missing (LOC). He is incommunicado and isn’t cooperating with the police inquiry, sources informed India Today.

“Mumbai is home to Mishra. He was evading us despite the fact that we had despatched teams to Mumbai from his known locations. Our teams are attempting to find him “According to a top police official, PTI.

Mishra has been charged with violating the Indian Penal Code’s sections 294 (obscene act in a public place), 354 (assault or criminal force to a woman with the intent to outrage her modesty), 509 (word, gesture, or act intended to insult a woman’s modesty), 510 (misbehaviour in public by a drunk person), and the Aircraft Rules.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), taking note of the “urination” event, has demanded an explanation from Tata Group-owned Air India and criticised their “unprofessional” handling of the situation. The air carrier was in “dereliction of duty,” according to the DGCA when managing the “urination” event on November 26.

The DGCA wrote in its letter to Air India, “On the basis of the airline’s reply, prima facie it emerges that provisions related to the handling of a disruptive customer on-board have not been complied with.”

On that day, the DGCA issued a head of operations advice to all scheduled airlines regarding how to handle rowdy passengers on board and their respective duties in accordance with the law.

Air India acknowledged the incident in which a male customer in the airline’s business class urinated on a female passenger while intoxicated. The woman claims that Shankar Mishra approached her seat, undid his pants, exposed his privates, and urinated on her.

Mishra proceeded to stand at the old person’s seat while his bodily parts were on display, according to the lawsuit. Another passenger requested that he leave.

The event came to light after the upset passenger complained in writing to Tata Group Chairman N Chandrasekharan about how the cabin crew had been extremely insensitive to the circumstances.

The Air India crew members gave her a set of clean pyjamas and slippers to change into when she mentioned that her garments were stained with Shankar Mishra’s pee. The female co-passenger who was the victim of Shankar Mishra’s misconduct claimed that she was forced to speak to her offender in mid-air as soon as he began to sober up from his intoxicated state.

However, Shankar Mishra wasn’t punished severely or visibly at the outset of the woman’s complaint.

Following the elderly woman’s allegation, the man was given a 30-day travel ban by the airline Air India. To find out if the crew handled the situation improperly, an internal investigation has been launched.

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