Swiggy delivered 3.5 lakh biryani on 31st Dec

Swiggy delivered 3.5 lakh biryani on 31st Dec

App for food delivery According to corporate insiders, Swiggy delivered 3.50 lakh biryani orders on Saturday and had despatched over 61,000 pizzas across the country by 10.25 p.m.

In-depth details about Swiggy delivered 3.5 lakh biryani on 31st Dec

Swiggy further stated that according to a Twitter survey, 75.4 percent of orders were for Hyderabadi Biryani, followed by Lucknowi-14.2% and Kolkata-10.4%.

“Biryani was the most popular item supplied, with 3.50 lakh orders,” sources told PTI.

At 7.20 p.m. on Saturday, the app delivered 1.65 lakh Biryani orders.

Bawarchi, one of Hyderabad’s leading biryani-selling restaurants, produced two Biriyanis each minute on New Year’s Eve 2021, and for December 31, 2022, it prepared 15 tonnes of the delicacy to match demand.

Swiggy tweeted, “@dominos_india, 61,287 pizzas have been delivered, we can only imagine the number of oregano packets going with them,”

It further stated that as of 7 p.m. Saturday, 1.76 lakh packets of chips had been ordered on Swiggy Instamart.

Stating that as many as 2,757 packets of Durex condoms were delivered by Swiggy Instamart, a supermarket delivery website, it encouraged customers to order 4,212 more to make it “6969′ and it may say “nice”.

“We’ve already delivered over 1.3 million orders and counting. Our fleet and restaurant partners are working hard to make the 2018 New Year’s Eve spectacular. “Pro-tip: order early to beat the rush,” Swiggy CEO Sriharsha Majety remarked in a tweet last evening.

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