The Indian government intends to compete with Android and iOS by developing a more secure OS for phones

The Indian government intends to compete with Android and iOS

According to reports, the Indian government is working on a project to develop an Indigenous mobile operating system that will provide users with a more secure experience. A top government official acknowledged to Business Standard that a new Indian operating system will provide more options and healthy competition to Google and Apple, in addition to providing a safer experience.

A brief about The Indian government intends to compete with Android and iOS by developing a more secure OS for phones

“India has one of the world’s largest mobile device marketplaces. “Our goal is to develop a secure Indian mobile operating system that would provide options and competition for Android’s domination in the Indian market and a lower share for iOS,” stated a top Indian government official.

Google’s Android currently has a market share of more than 97 per cent, whereas Apple’s iOS has a relatively tiny market share. According to the quoted source, the government is naming it IndOS at first. Side loading of apps should be safer for consumers, according to officials, so either Google or OEMs should take responsibility for providing additional security for this.

However, Android phone manufacturers have reportedly resisted providing consumers with security. The companies claim that they only manufacture products and provide after-sales services and warranties for them. The OEMs argue that it is Google’s obligation to ensure user security because Android is a product of this digital behemoth.

“We offer a phone and after the sale to customers, take care of certain warranties. Google must work with the CCI or the government to determine who would be accountable for the security of the side-loaded apps. Certainly not for us,” a device manufacturer stated. However, Google has already rejected responsibility for this, stating in a blog post that as long as customers download apps through the Play Store, they will be safe and that it cannot give the same support for apps that are side-loaded from other sources.

“Predatory apps that expose users to financial fraud, data theft, and a variety of other hazards proliferate on the internet, both from India and other countries. While Google holds apps on the Play Store accountable and screens for malware as well as compliance with local regulations, the same checks may not be in place for apps sideloaded from other sources.”

According to others, if not Google, the government should decide how to protect consumers from hazardous sideloaded programs. The latest development comes at a time when Google India is facing a Rs 1,338 crore penalty action for unfair and anti-competitive Android phone practices.

According to the referenced source, Android phone manufacturers believe that a “desi” Android operating system will provide users with greater protection and safety from malicious actors. According to reports, Google may be obliged to adapt its present Android model in the future, and the penalty for anti-competitive practices may be the starting point. Google is now providing Android OS to OEMs for free in exchange for them adding its services and apps to every Android phone.

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