The long-awaited web version of Threads may launch this week, but can it compete with X?

The long-awaited web version of Threads may launch this week, but can it compete with X

The long-awaited web version of Threads, Meta’s X (previously Twitter) rival software, should be released this week. Up until this point, Threads was only accessible via an iPhone or Android smartphone app. Although the app has amassed a staggering 100 million sign-ups, keeping users engaged is still difficult. Users of the web version may benefit from flexibility in terms of usability, whether they use a phone or a desktop. Additionally, Meta will go one step closer to competing with X, which has been introducing new capabilities to its online and mobile applications in an effort to keep consumers.

Details on the long-awaited web version of Threads may launch this week, but can it compete with X?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Threads’ web version will probably be up this week, though nothing can be completely ruled out. According to the source, “launch plans aren’t final and could change.” We can also hope that following testing, the web version will be made available to a limited number of individuals or geographical areas.

Mark Zuckerberg, a co-founder of Meta, also posted a related update earlier this week. According to Zuckerberg, search and the online version will be added to the platform in the “coming weeks.” Users can now find specific posts from other users, which Twitter currently permits, using the improved search. Users can only currently find other users on Threads by using the search feature. The web version of Threads may also get a similar search feature.

Notably, Threads is also introducing a fresh function. Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, announced “two small updates” over the weekend. We’re rolling out a new Reposts page on your profile so you can see all the topics you reposted in one location, he wrote in a post on topics. Additionally, we are adding reposts to your Following Feed in response to your input. According to Meta, Threads is an Instagram text-based addon.

The Threads app from Meta has succeeded in generating buzz about the platform, but user retention is still an issue. According to a research, 79% of users have rarely used the app since signing up.  On July 7, the app had around 49.3 million daily active users, but it now only appears to have nearly 10.3 million users. The Elon Musk-owned X, on the other hand, has stepped up their approach.

Twitter introduced an ad-revenue sharing arrangement and changed its name to X in the past two months. Similar to LinkedIn, the app is already developing a feature that will allow verified users to advertise jobs. By enabling users to view and upload lengthy videos in Full-HD definition, X also intends to compete with YouTube. X is similarly investigating a trading option directly within the app. 

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