The Number of international airports in India rise up to 30

The Number of international airports in India rise up to 30

According to Civil Aviation Minister V.K. Singh, six new international airports have opened in the nation over the past seven years.

A brief about The Number of international airports in India rise up to 30:

Prior to 2014, the nation had 24 international airports. Six additional airports have been built or designated as international airports over the past seven years, according to the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

In response to a question in the Lok Sabha, the minister stated that both greenfield and existing airports are included in the list of new international airports.

Four brand-new, international airports have been built in the past seven years: Kannur in Kerala, Shirdi in Maharashtra, Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh, and Mopa in Goa. In 2017, the current airports in Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada, and Tirupati, were designated as international airports.

The Indian domestic aviation sector was deregulated with the abolition of the Air Corporation Act in March 1994. Airlines are therefore free to add capacity with any type of aircraft for choosing whatever markets and networks they desire to serve and operate across the nation as long as they comply with the current rules in this regard. As a result, it is up to the airlines to offer air services to certain locations in accordance with the current regulations, traffic demand, and commercial feasibility.

Additionally, Indian carriers are allowed to mount services from any location in India to foreign destinations in accordance with the relevant bilateral air services agreements as far as the issue of international flight services from these airports is concerned. The designated sites of the call made available by the bilateral agreements are open to foreign airlines.

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