The Sun City Ganesh laddu sells for a record-breaking Rs. 60.48 lakh making it the most expensive laddu ever in India

Sun City Ganesh laddu sells for a record-breaking Rs. 60.48 lakh

This year’s Ganesh Laddu was auctioned off at Richmond Villas in Suncity for a record-breaking Rs. 60.80 lakh. According to a press release, the sale was a component of the yearly fund-raising effort undertaken by RV Diya Charitable Trust.

A brief about Sun City Ganesh laddu sells for a record-breaking Rs. 60.48 lakh in India:

Few devotees of Ganpati have spent thousands on the sweets, but laddoos and modaks have been consumed to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. Many people think that laddoos bring luck and wealth, and some are willing to spend up to Rs 18–40 lakhs for this treat.

While modak is one of the main offerings to Ganesha in Maharashtra, laddoos have taken over in Telangana and Hyderabad. Over the years, these laddoos have been auctioned off at high rates at the conclusion of the celebration.

Several “mandapam” openly auctioned laddoos that were offered to Ganesha on Sunday during the last day of Ganesh Visarjan, and devotees from all across the state attended the event to obtain a piece of the “prasad.”

A record bid of Rs 41 lakh was made for the laddoo offered to Ganesha at Keerthi Richmond Villas in Rajendranagar’s Sun City.

One of the 82 inhabitants of the gated neighbourhood who participated in the auction won the laddoo. The laddoo brought in Rs 18.7 lakh in 2019 compared to Rs 27.3 lakh last year when it was auctioned off.

The renowned Balapur Ganpati laddoo sold for 18.90 lakh at auction. The 21 kg Balapur laddoo that was offered to Ganesha was won by Marri Shashank Reddy and YSRCP MLC RV Ramesh Yadav.

A devotee paid Rs 450 for the first laddoo, and the custom has persisted ever since. In order to get the prized laddoo, which many people believe to bring luck and prosperity, bidders from all around Andhra Pradesh and Telangana engage in the auction.

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