WhatsApp now supports Communities with up to 5,000 members

WhatsApp now supports Communities

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has begun rolling out a new Communities feature intended at making it easier for a group of people to interact with one another.

Some of you may be wondering how it differs from other WhatsApp Groups. Communities are identical to regular WhatsApp groups with one major difference: instead of members, you can add groups to them.

Details about WhatsApp now supports Communities with up to 5,000 members

WhatsApp Communities was established to allow users to join groups formed for a common interest. This means that Communities will serve as the main group, allowing you to join several smaller groups under one umbrella, allowing members of different groups to speak with one another.

“Communities such as neighborhoods, parents at a school, and workplaces can now bring several groups together under one umbrella to manage group conversations on WhatsApp,” according to a blog post by WhatsApp.

As previously said, this will be useful for connecting several smaller groups in one major community like workplaces, schools, housing societies, and neighborhoods.

This functionality is comparable to Discord servers, which allow you to create multiple sub-groups within a server.

WhatsApp Communitites
Credit: WhatsApp

How to use WhatsApp Communities?

  • To begin, you must create a WhatsApp Community.
  • Open WhatsApp and select the “New Chat” option.
  • Now, tap “New Community,” followed by “Get Started.”
  • Now, give your community a name, a description, and a photo.
  • You can add groups to a community after you’ve created it.
  • When you click “Next,” you’ll be able to choose between existing groups and create new ones to add to the community.
  • After you’ve added all of the groups, click “Create.”

It should be noted that a single community can have up to 50 groups. Additionally, only administrators will be allowed to add groups to the community.

The WhatsApp Communities feature allows you to create communities with up to 5,000 members, making it suited for even huge businesses. Aside from an announcement group, you will be able to add up to 50 groups to the community.

Communities will have the same chat capabilities as regular groups, such as reactions, file sharing up to 2GB, in-chat polls, 32-member video calls, and the option for administrators to delete messages.

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