With the new DMRC Travel app, Delhi Metro riders can now purchase tickets online

With the new DMRC Travel app, Delhi Metro riders can now purchase tickets online

A new DMRC Travel app has been released by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to assist consumers in purchasing metro tickets online. Following the security check, the dedicated app will effectively generate a QR code that must be scanned in order to enter the station. Travelers can circumvent lengthy lineups to purchase a physical token with the aid of the online QR code. Users can also recharge their metro smart cards using the new DMRC app.

In-depth details about with the new DMRC Travel app, Delhi Metro riders can now purchase tickets online

You may download the DMRC Travel app from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation for free on Google Play for Android and iOS for iPhones. To book tickets, users must establish an account and log in.

Choose “Book tickets” from the menu on the homepage, then input the starting and ending points. The app will display the cost, metro line color, and trip time when you enter your starting and ending destinations. The app accepts payments using wallets, cards, and UPI.

Users can obtain authentic information about Delhi Metro on the app because it was officially released and is controlled by DMRC. If users click the bell icon at the bottom, the app shows the most recent notifications for various Delhi metros. Users are essentially informed if there are any delays in a specific line, albeit updates might not always be precise.

As previously noted, consumers can recharge their smart cards using the DMRC Travel app. The app’s UI could be a touch cluttered and it links visitors to an external link. Users can enter the Card ID and recharge amount in the upper right corner. Users must enter a security code to finish the transaction. Users must choose the top-up option using an AVM located at every Delhi Metro station after the card has been recharged.

Travelers could previously reserve and top up for metro tokens, but only through third-party apps. DMRC has just released a brand-new app that will let users to purchase tickets online. The future of the current Delhi Metro Rail app is still up in the air. The previous app allowed users to check the Delhi Metro app and the travel time between stations.

DMRC recently loosened the restrictions on carrying alcohol bottles inside metro stations. Travelers are now permitted to bring sealed bottles, however if they are going from Delhi to Noida, there can be problems.

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