In Kolkata, a public hospital, a beard transplant procedure is beginning

In Kolkata, a public hospital, a beard transplant procedure is beginning

The government-run Seth Sukhlal Karnani Memorial (SSKM) Hospital in Kolkata has unveiled the process that will assist patients achieve fuller and increased beard growth in order to meet the rising demand for beard transplant treatments. A top physician from the Calcutta Medical College has expressed concern, nevertheless, about the procedure’s safety.

A brief about in Kolkata, a public hospital, a beard transplant procedure is beginning

The popularity of the beard transplant process was underlined by Dr. Arindam Sarkar from the SSKM’s plastic reconstructive surgery department, who stated, “If you want to get this therapy done, you will have to come to the out-patient department. This kind of surgery is becoming more and more well-liked across India, including in Kolkata. Many people come here to get their beards transplanted.

Doctors first identify the particular region of the cheek on which beard development is wanted. Target fixing is the term for this.

Following the marking with a sketch pen, the beard restoration process starts.

Then, to encourage the growth of a new beard, hair grafts from the back of the head are transferred to the cheek. While the procedure is normally finished in a single day, the beard takes about three months to fully recover.

The price of the treatment could range from Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000. If there are no difficulties, the procedure, according to SSKM hospital sources, will cost about Rs 50,000. According to reports, private hospitals bill substantially more for comparable services.

People having beard transplants are instructed to eat light for a few days following the procedure. To relieve any discomfort, excessive chewing should be avoided, and antibiotics and painkillers are usually administered.

It’s crucial to remember that the beard cannot be trimmed or shaved for three months. Approximately 3,000 hair follicles must be grafted during a treatment lasting six to eight hours in order to achieve a full beard restoration.

Calcutta Medical College Hospital surgeon Dr. Anjan Chowdhury expressed concerns regarding the procedure’s safety.

The only public hospital in Kolkata performing this procedure is SSKM. But I don’t believe it is secure. This surgery has been outlawed in many nations. In different regions, beauty is defined differently. After surgery, a patient must receive hormone therapy, which can increase the risk, according to Dr. Anjan Chowdhury.

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