Revenue from Indian Railways Surged by Up to 38% to Rs 95,486.58 Billion by the End of August this Year

Revenue from Indian Railways surged by up to 38% to Rs 95,486.58 billion

According to a statement released on Sunday, Indian Railways’ overall income at the end of August 2022 was Rs 95,486.58 crore, up Rs 26,271.29 crore or 38% over the same period the previous year.

Details about Revenue from Indian Railways surged by up to 38% to Rs 95,486.58 billion:

The amount collected from passenger traffic was Rs 25,276.54 crore, up Rs 13,574.44 crore (116%) from the previous year.

In both the reserved and unreserved segments, passenger traffic increased in comparison to last year. According to the Railways, growth in long-distance reserved mail express trains has been more rapid than in passenger and suburban trains.

The revenue from other coaching was Rs 2,437.42 crore, up Rs 811.82 crore (or 50%) over the same period last year.

According to the statement, this is being fueled by Indian Railways’ strong development in its parcel business.

To end August of current year, goods revenue increased by Rs 10,780.03 crore (or 20%) to Rs 65,505.02 crore.

This has been accomplished through increased loading of more than 58 MT throughout the time and an increase in net tonne-kilometers (NTKMs) of 18%. Along with the transportation of coal, other significant contributors to this development include food grains, fertiliser, cement, mineral oil, container traffic, and the balance of other commodities divisions.

The total revenue generated by the railways during the previous fiscal year (2021–2022) was Rs. 1,91,278.29 crore.

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