Sridhar Vembu Profile Biography – A Success Story of an Electrical Engineering to CEO of Zoho

Sridhar Vembu Profile Biography

Today’s success tale is that of Sridhar Vembu, who at a young age rose to prominence in the software sector on a global scale and eventually became one of the wealthiest persons on the planet. We’ve discussed Sridhar Vembu Profile Biography which will motivate you.

He is best known for starting from scratch and raising millions of dollars for the Zoho Corporation, which currently competes head-to-head with industry heavyweights like Microsoft, Google, Oracle, and and gives them a run for their money.

The Smartest Unknown Indian Entrepreneur, who has a sizable fan base in the start-up sector, is most known for having declined venture capital funding.

The ideal entrepreneur hero is emerging as Sridhar Vembu, a Tamil Nadu native who is setting records as a brilliant businessman. He is currently residing in Tenkasi, the smallest village, and carrying out his official duties there. He is disproving the notion that the largest software can be generated in Silicon Valley by demonstrating that the best software in the world can be created and delivered even from the village. However, Sridhar Vembu founded a business named ZOHO. He improves in this manner. This Sridhar Vembu, who is he? Let’s learn more about him.

About Sridhar Vembu

It is evident from Sridhar Vembu’s tireless efforts and professionalism that he was able to raise a tiny IT business in Tamilnadu to international standards and compete with the biggest corporations on the planet. According to the Forbes list, Sridhar Vembu is the 59th richest Indian in the world as of 2020. He received the Padma Shri, the fourth-highest honor bestowed by the Indian government. Among the honors he has received is Best Entrepreneur of India.

Sridhar Vembu Personal details- Birth, Age, Education, Family, Successor, Net Worth, Quotes

Sridhar Vembu Early life

In the Thanjavur area, Sridhar Vembu was born into a farmer family. Sridhar Vembu was born in

Chennai, the state capital of Tamil Nadu, into a typical middle-class family. His father worked as a stenographer in Chennai’s High Court, and his mother was a stay-at-home mother. Pramila Srinivasan is married to Sridhar Vembu.

Sridhar Vembu Educational Career

Sridhar Vembu attended IIT, Chennai, for his undergraduate studies. He traveled to America for research after finishing college. In 1989, he graduated with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from New Jersey’s Princeton University.

He finished college at a government-sponsored institution because his father was a stenographer for the Madras High Court. At the IIT in Chennai, he later finished his undergraduate degree. In 1989, he earned his electrical engineering degree from Princeton University.

He had a strong interest in political science and economics while at Princeton, which led him to read a number of books and research the growth strategies used by successful economies like Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan.

Sridhar Vembu Proffesional Career

He started working for Qualcomm in San Diego in 1994 after receiving his Ph.D. Being an Electrical Engineer, he used to work on wireless communication throughout this period of about two years, including CDMA, power control, and some really intricate wireless communications challenges. in that area. He concentrated on challenging issues in CDMA, power control, and telecommunications.

Following that, beginning in 1994, he spent two years working for Qualcomm in San Diego, California. He then desired to go back to India and establish a business there with his brothers. Then, in 1996, he and his brother founded a start-up business in Chennai.

Sridhar Vembu Startup and business journey

In this sector, which was extremely new to India at the time, his Vembu software experienced the quickest growth. initially concentrated on software services and customer acquisition. As a result, he quickly attracted the clientele of American Silicon Valley companies as well as other multinational corporations.

Along with Tony Thomas, who had prior network administration knowledge, Vembu software was founded in a modest Chennai flat. This took place in 1996.

The corporation had become a multi-million dollar enterprise by the year 2000. The business changed its name to Adventnet in 2005. International software service providers were dealing with a number of difficulties at the time. However, Sridhar Vembu’s business turned it to its advantage and began gaining more clients.

Adventnet changed its name to Zoho Corporation in 2009. After then, the business began to expand quickly. The company’s customer base climbed to 1.2 crores in 2015. Revenue for Zoho reached $30 million that year.

Customers of Zoho can be found in many nations, including the USA, Japan, West Asian nations, the UK, and Europe. The company currently generates billions of dollars in revenue and is operating successfully. The business has locations all around the world. Around the world, Zoho employs more than 10,000 individuals. Chennai serves as the company’s present operational base. $4,380 billion in earnings.

How was Zoho formed without funding?

In India, a large number of startups are currently prospering. The founders of those firms appear to be Indians on the surface. But foreign businesses will make the biggest investments in it. In order to assist his family and friends, Sridhar Vembu did not get funding from any other source. Numerous businesses and investors still want to invest in Zoho Corporation. However, Sridhar Vembu, who owns 88% of Zoho Corporation, refuses to budge.

His office was initially located in a modest flat. The wife of Sridhar Vembu took up the duty of taking care of the home.

When the company was first established, Tony served as both the CEO and Chairman. Sridhar took part in the advertising and marketing of Vembu Company’s goods. At the time, their program was highly regarded. The company employed 115 engineers in India and 7 engineers in the US by the year 2000. And a $10 million US price was paid for the deal.

The market experienced its greatest decline in 2001. Many businesses in the networking sector had setbacks during that period. As a result, there were just 3 customers in 2002 compared to 150 customers. Although many people died as a result of this catastrophe, Sridhar Vembu recognized a benefit. This led him to the realization that if comparable products were produced, such losses would be enormous.

Tony left the company a few years later to launch another one, and Sridhar Vembu gained complete ownership of the business. He changed a lot. He changed the business name to AdventNet in 2005. He also founded Zoho University, a training facility. Large corporations hire students from reputable universities. picks out students that perform well. Instead, Zoho University seeks out bright individuals from remote places and instructs them in cutting-edge technology. Through this, he meets the 15% workforce requirement for his company.

The business was given the name Zoho Corporation in 2009. The business concentrates on three key areas. WebNMS, Manage Engine, and Zoho. The availability of top-notch software has improved the reception in several nations. In the industry, Zoho Corporation faces out against a number of major businesses. Yes, it faces off against industry heavyweights like Microsoft, Google, and If Salesforce charges $65 for a piece of software, Zoho charges $10–$12 for it. As a result, wanted to buy Zoho. Sridhar Vembu, however, rebuffed it in silence.

Sridhar Vembu Awards

In 2021, the Indian Union government will confer the Padma Shri, the fourth-highest civilian honor in India, on Sridhar Vembu, the founder and CEO of Zoho Corp. At the 29th ICT Business Awards presentation, the AtmaNirbhar Bharat Champion Award was given to him. The prize presentation took place on June 8 at the Hyatt Regency in New Delhi at the Dataquest Leadership Conclave. Let’s Transform at Scale using NeXtGen Tech was the conclave’s topic.

Sridhar Vembu Philanthropic Works & Social work

Even in his early years as a successful businessman, Sridhar Vembu was worried about society. Yes, he was interested in political science and economics despite working in engineering. He started reading many books as a result of this. He specifically wanted to study the economies and business practices of nations like Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Sridhar Vembu wanted to address socialism since he understood that it was the largest issue in India. As a result, he agreed to his younger brother’s suggestion to launch a business in India

and quit his job to move there. They believed that the purpose of their tour should be to find answers to India’s fundamental issues.

He has provided the National Security Advisory Board with a great deal of support. With a rural school start-up and initiatives like Zoho Schools, he has also significantly fueled the social sector dimension. These initiatives have increased and enhanced the power of education for children who are less fortunate and more likely to be ignored.

Vembu’s longtime goal of reversing the trend of rural-urban migration and bringing his employees back to work close to their hometowns was realized as a result of his business success. Vembu then created several Zoho operations in rural India in addition to moving his office from Silicon Valley to a tiny Indian village.

Vembu transformed into a social entrepreneur over time, championing the cause of

technology-driven rural development. He was recognized for his innovative entrepreneurship by the Indian government as well as by private organizations. Can Vembu and his work ethic serve as an example for aspiring IT business owners and other organizations?

Tony Thomas, co-founder of Zoho

In 1995, Tony Thomas, a co-founder of Zoho, launched a bedroom business in New Jersey, USA. Joy Thomas, Tony’s older brother, gave him a personal loan. Tony had already begun developing a Java library for the SNMP API protocol.

As of late 1995, Tony, who was three years my senior at IIT and whom I had not met when I was a student, was introduced to Sridhar Vembu by a common friend from IIT. Then I introduced Tony to my Indian brothers. In the middle to end of 1996, they began their collaboration.

We had lunch together when Tony visited Silicon Valley at the beginning of 1997 to promote his SNMP protocol software. If I knew of anyone who could assist him in selling his program, he asked me. Of course, he was unable to make a payment. If you’re up for it, I’ll try my hand, I said to him. Joe concurred.

Sridhar thus joined Tony’s company at the time, Advent Network Management, in May 1997 as “VP of Marketing and Business Development.” We made several sales at that event thanks to Tony and Sridhar’s participation in the well-known Las Vegas trade exhibition Networld + Interop for product presentation and customer acquisition.

Then, after Tony and Sridhar started their work in the company full-time.


The finest software may be produced outside of Silicon Valley, in South Kashmir, a rural location, as Sridhar Vembu has demonstrated. He is ecstatic to be a Tamil Nadu native. The Padma Shri award is an appropriate honor for him.

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