Zoho Schools Organization Profile- A Meaningful Alternative to Traditional College

Zoho Schools

Zoho Schools of Learning is the place to be if you’re eager to achieve your career objectives and would prefer not to let traditional college get in the way!

The world is evolving and changing all the time. What distinguishes you that you are doing differently?

Good luck if the beaten route is what you’re looking for! However, we warmly welcome you to the world of Zoho Schools if you are a curious nonconformist seeking lifelong learning.

Zoho Company began a social experiment in 2005 to offer students a meaningful alternative to a traditional college education by providing highly relevant, deeply contextualized, and truly experiential training over the course of two years. Disillusioned by the widening gap between industry expectations and graduating talent, Zoho Company saw this as an opportunity to create a meaningful social experiment.

How everything began… Back in 2004, we at Zoho ran a poll out of pure curiosity to learn,

Zoho’s Schools of Technology, Design, and Business are highly sought-after career prospects for millennials looking for a job in high technology, 16 years and 1084 graduates later.

Zoho Schools Profile Summary

Zoho Schools
Credits: Zoho Schools
Organization Name        Zoho Schools of Learning
FounderSridhar Vembu, Tony Thomas
HeadquartersChennai, India
Establishment PlaceIndia
Registered AddressZoho Corporation, Estancia IT Park, Vallancherry, Plot No. 140 & 151, Grand Southern Trunk Rd, Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, 603202
Parent OrganizationZoho Corporation Private Limited
Number of Employees      1,001-5,000

Zoho School Founder

Sridhar Vembu:

Sridhar Vembu, an Indian wealthy businessman who also serves as the CEO of Zoho Corporation Pvt Ltd., started the company. His parents, middle-class Tamils from a Tamil Nadu village in the Thanjavur district, gave birth to him in 1968.

He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering before going on to earn his MS and PhD from Princeton University in New Jersey.

Vembu started his professional career as a wireless engineer with Qualcomm in San Diego, California, before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area.

AdventNet was founded in 1996 as a software development firm for suppliers of network hardware by Vembu and two of his brothers. The company changed its name to Zoho Corporation Pvt Ltd. in 2009 and started concentrating on providing customer support for SaaS.

Zoho Schools For:

Zoho Schools is the place for you if you are eager to advance your profession and would prefer not to allow a traditional college education get in the way.

Currently, Zoho Schools only has two locations in Tamil Nadu, India, where it is active. All around the nation, applications are welcome!

Zoho Schools offers:

For actual software professionals, what we teach is far more pertinent. Organizations at Zoho Corp focus more on talents and abilities than on formal certificates. You are automatically hired by Zoho Corporation, a global leader in cloud-based software solutions, after successfully completing the course.

Zoho Schools Fees:

No fees are ever assessed to our students.

Instead, we provide a stipend, starting at Rs 10,000 each month, for the duration of the programme.

Zoho School Course Duration and Mode:

A full-time alternative to traditional college education, Zoho Schools offers a year of classroom instruction followed by a year of internship at Zoho Corp.

The locations of the classes are our office buildings in Tenkasi and Chennai.

Different schools of Zoho:

The mission of Zoho Schools is to educate children in a contextual, relevant, and immersive manner while preparing them to succeed in the many fields where Zoho, a leading provider of cloud-based software, operates. As a result, we educate students in the technology, design, and business sectors of the software industry. What follows is further information about our schools:

Technology School at Zoho

For students seeking a thorough education in product development and software engineering.

Students seeking a well-rounded education in software engineering and product development might consider the Zoho School of Technology. There are two locations from which this school operates: Tenkasi and Chennai.

Zoho School of DESIGN

A finishing school for user experience professionals for students with a passion for the arts and an eye for aesthetics. For students with a passion for the arts and an eye for aesthetic detail, there is the Zoho School of DESIGN. It serves as a capstone programme for user experience specialists.

Zoho School of BUSINESS

A thriving business requires more than simply cutting-edge technology and stunning visuals. It’s crucial to have a potent blend of outstanding support, successful marketing, and successful sales. We might be your worthwhile substitute for a traditional business school degree if you have a passion for selling, a knack for connecting with others, and skill with the written (and spoken) word.

Zoho School for Graduate Studies:

The Zoho School for Graduate Studies is a programme offered by Zoho Schools of Learning for graduate students of all stripes who want to work for Zoho Corp but are having trouble making the transition from academia to industry. Everyone who is at least 20 years old and under 24 is welcome to apply. Whether you have a degree or not is irrelevant. Students who can enrol in Zoho Schools’ main programme should NOT attend this school.

Zoho School for ADVANCED STUDY

The School for Advanced Study functions as an honours programme, enabling students with the desire and drive to gain depth in one discipline but also breadth in two. In a typical bachelor programme, this would be comparable to a student taking a major and a minor. Any two fields out of three may be used as the two fields (tech, business, and design).


How trustworthy are Zoho Schools?

ZS has been in business for more than 17 years and employs 10% of Zoho’s workforce or more than 1400 graduates.


What will Zoho Schools teach me?

  • You will learn practical software engineering, applicable English communication techniques, and practical mathematics ideas.
  • ZS’s mission statement is to spread knowledge that is current, meaningful, and relevant. As a result, the curriculum is frequently revised. To be more precise, we don’t release a syllabus or curriculum. We keep an eye on market trends, pay attention to the wants and needs of the Zoho Corp. product management community, and maintain our flexibility so that we may change directions and add, remove, or adjust products as needed. Zoho School of Technology focuses on what is needed to become a well-rounded software engineer. 
  • The School of Design is for students with a keen interest in art and a discerning eye for aesthetic detail. 
  • The School of Business focuses on prompt support, effective marketing, and efficient sales needed for a successful business.

What should my basic qualification be?

Your age should fall between 17 and 20. You shouldn’t own any academic credentials above a 10+3 diploma or Class 12 degree. The candidate must NOT have finished any degree programmes, please take note of this. Graduate students may submit an application to the Zoho School for Graduate Studies.

How useful ​was Zoho college?

How applicable and valuable do you find your college ‘degree’ to your present position?

We then came to the realisation that practically all learning that was actually helpful for work was learned while working!

What do we do at Zoho Schools ​that ​typical colleges don’t?

  • Practical experience in real work.
  • The dynamic structure of the curriculum.
  • Experts who are also practising practitioners.
  • Pay during the training phase.
  • Opportunity to study alongside and collaborate with IT experts.
  • Focus on communication skills rather than basic grammar.
  • Wi-Fi, air-conditioned classrooms.
  • Group projects and open books are used in assessments.

Zoho School Degree or Certificate upon course completion:

We do not grant degrees, and we have no affiliations with any traditional universities.

Zoho instead prioritises talents and abilities over formal certificates when hiring new employees. The rest of the world is also warming up to the shift! Many top firms now prioritise genuine skill and experience over credentials. Our curriculum is revised twice a year, and we proudly celebrate Ungraduation Day on the day our students join the organisation as employees.

Much about Zoho’s Schools of Learning can be learnt by visiting our website – https://www.zohoschools.com.


An astonishing 10% of Zoho Corp workers are former Zoho School alumni, which is another aspect that sets Zoho apart.

This method gives the expression “giving back to the community” a new meaning. By giving its community the most priceless gift of free education, Zoho sets a great example for businesses throughout the world.

Here’s hope that Zoho’s admirable objective will persuade other businesses to begin making the same kind of investments in children and communities.

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