Top News Headline Stories from May 2023

Top News Headline Stories from May 2023

Are you interested in staying informed about the latest advancements, breakthroughs, and trends in contemporary fields such as business, technology, and marketing? Look no further! You have come to the right place. This page compiles the top news headlines stories from May 2023.

In our fast-paced lives and busy schedules, it has become increasingly challenging to keep up with news and advancements in business, marketing, finance, and technology. However, this blog has taken the initiative to highlight the most captivating news stories that garnered significant attention from readers outside of India in May 2023. Here, you can find the latest coverage on a wide range of topics, including Microsoft declaring Windows 10 22H2 to be the official release, India becoming Largest Supplier of Refined Fuel to Europe, Sachin Tendulkar investing in Azad Engineering, Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing, CSK’s victory in the IPL 2023, Prime Minister Modi placing Sengol in the new Parliament building, ‘RRR’ fame Ray Stevenson’s Death, and much more. Stay informed and explore the fascinating news updates right here.

Here are the top news headline stories from May 2023:

Years after Apple introduced screen sharing for Facetime, WhatsApp may eventually permit share screen during video conversations

The government informs SC that New Central Vista will save annual rent expenditures by Rs 1000 crore

IPL 2023 Final championship is won by Chennai Super Kings

Sun Pharma reports Q4 Net Profit of Rs 1984 crore

In 11 more nations, the official ChatGPT app is now available

A Bengal wage worker with a balance of 17 rupees has 100 crore rupees added to their account

Reliance JioMart fires 1000 employees and anticipates cutting 9000 more in the near future

Rishad Premji, the executive chairman of Wipro, receives a 50% pay cut this year

New York City Is the Worst Place for New Graduates to Start a Career, according to a Report

Following his fall for a part-time work fraud, a Gurugram man lost almost 70000 lakh

Meet Tucker Budzyn, a Golden Retriever with a yearly salary of $1 million

With a net worth of $64.2 billion, Gautam Adani is once again among the world’s top 20 billionaires

Sengol was placed in the new Parliament building by PM Modi

The government of Odisha will give farmers three years of free crop insurance

Fans scream “Tiger aa raha hai” as Salman Khan fires the internet in a new photo featuring a rugged appearance

You may purchase a drink using Amazon’s palm-scanning technology without pulling out your ID

Upon partnering with Carlsberg for the Odisha plant, Som Distilleries’ shares reached historic highs

Ajith Kumar gives a rider who planned his journey to Nepal a BMW superbike worth Rs 12 lakh

The significance of Jennifer Lawrence’s flip-flops on the Cannes red carpet goes beyond fashion

Chalo, a startup for bus tracking and tickets, raises $45 million

The highest honours from Fiji and Papua New Guinea were bestowed upon PM Modi

BCCI and Adidas agree to a multi-year sponsorship agreement for the Indian cricket team’s official uniforms

BSNL has given a consortium led by TCS an order for Rs 15000 crore for a national 4G deployment

Now, WhatsApp users have a 15-minute window in which to amend transmitted messages

Son of a Kargil War martyr rejects two offers from IIM to enrol at the Indian Military Academy

The RBI advises banks to give those exchanging Rs. 2000 notes access to shade and water

In 2023, about 2 lakh tech workers will lose their jobs

In the US and other markets, Netflix starts to crack down on password sharing

A Kolkata girl fakes being kidnapped after receiving low marks in an exam and demands parents pay Rs. 1 crore in ransom

According to a study, New York City is sinking because of its over a million buildings

Manu Kumar Jain, a former CEO of Xiaomi India, urged parents to stop providing their children smartphones

Meta starts firing 6000 employees as it will impact jobs more this time

Japan might soon accept the India’s UPI payment system

Thalapathy Vijay takes Rs 200 crore to make a film

In the basement of a government building in Jaipur, more than Rs 2 crore in ‘unclaimed’ cash and 1 kg of gold were discovered

For those who watch YouTube on TVs, Google has introduced 30-second non-skippable ads

Congress promised Villagers in Karnataka 200 free units of free power energy

With the Ghaziabad-Aligarh Expressway, India writes history in under 100 hours

In a sting operation, a Maharashtra doctor was found selling a 22-day-old baby

For cash on delivery orders, 72% of all Rs 2000 notes are sent to Zomato

CEO of Noida International Airport Announces First Commercial Flight Time from New Airport

To go to the 2023 IPL final, Chennai Super Kings defeated the defending champion Gujarat Titans

Elon Musk claims that Tesla would ‘attempt a little advertising’

By 2030, AWS plans to invest $12.7 billion in India’s cloud infrastructure

In April-February of FY23, Indians spent $12.51 billion on international travel

The second-best-selling model, the Lamborghini Huracan, has officially sold out

ChaiGPT, the absurd name of a tea shop, becomes popular on social media

Ray Stevenson, 58 years old RRR actor is no more

Simple Innovation by a Mangaluru Couple Waters Plants Automatically While You’re Away

The Maharashtra state will penalise theatre owners Rs 10L for not showing Marathi films

Bhavesh Gupta is appointed as the President and COO of Paytm

The World’s Oldest Nearly Complete Hebrew Bible Sells in New York for $38 million

A man who enrolls in an AI and machine learning course is hired as a data engineer and receives a 100% salary increase

Shilpa Shetty Invests Shark Tank India Star Start-Up WickedGud With Rs 2.25 Crore

By 2027, India would have 16 lakh HNIs

In April, Indians purchase mangoes worth Rs 25 crore on Zepto

Another life is saved by Apple Watch this time a man who was hit by a car

Nippo unveils a new brand identity as it turns 50

Dolly Jain’s charges two lakhs to drape a celebrity saree expertly

After IAS Tina Dabi orders evictions from government land in Rajasthan, 150 Pak Hindu refugees are left homeless

First-time traveller gets arrested after lighting a bidi on an Akasa Air trip to Bengaluru

Mountaineer Anurag Maloo is airlifted by Adani to AIIMS Delhi, and his brother praises the billionaire

Siddaramaiah will become the chief minister of Karnataka

Sachin Tendulkar invests in Azad Engineering, a company situated in Hyderabad

If you haven’t accessed your Gmail account for two years, Google will delete it

RBI withdraws ₹2000 note from distribution as it won’t be legal tender after September 30

73% Job Seekers Prefer Big Companies Over Startups

Organisations in Gurugram are now permitted to serve beer and wine

A man from Bengaluru attempted to book an Uber auto during rush hour and the wait time will surprise you

In terms of sales, Tata Motors overtakes Hyundai in March 2023

Following the appointment of the new Twitter CEO, Elon Musk danced all night long in Mexico

Whatsapp has added a feature called chatlock that enables you to lock off your private conversations

A robber in Lucknow escapes with a Rs. 85 lakh loot while leaving his drunken buddy unconscious in the robbed home

Amazon India removes employees from the HR and web services departments                          

Tata Group begins manufacturing iPhones close to Bengaluru

Senior Tesla executives will likely visit India this week to meet with government representatives

Bengali guy walks 200 kilometres with his son’s body in a bag because he cannot afford the ambulance price

UK Immigration Officer Stunned at Sudha Murty’s 10 Downing Street Address

PM Modi hands out 71000 appointment letters at the Rozgar Mela

‘Get Fit in 3 Months or Retire,’ stated Assam’s DGP for Obese Cops

The Indian government has launched a CEIR tracking system for lost or stolen mobile phones

PVR Inox Ltd reports a Rs 3.33 billion loss in the fourth quarter

CBI filed FIR against Aryan Khan drugs case as ‘Witnesses’ aided by Wankhede demanded Shah Rukh Khan of Rs 25 cr as bribe

Within the Next Six Months, PVR INOX Will Close 50 Loss-Making Theatres

Key details and features about Launch of the Motorola Edge 40 in India is scheduled for May 23

Honda Elevate, a competitor to the Hyundai Creta, will not have a panoramic sunroof and will make its global debut on June 6

After liking YouTube videos, a techie lost Rs. 42 lakh

A man from Bengaluru registers his Tesla with a license plate that was inspired by the BMTC

After the pilot let his girlfriend inside the cockpit, Air India was fined 30 lakh

IT employee on 15 years of sick leave is paid Rs. 55 lakh annually but sues employer for wage freeze

Share price targets for Tata Motors have been updated higher

As of March 2023, Zudio had 352 outlets spread throughout 119 cities

A 7-year-old boy named Max Alexander claims to have been Gucci in a previous life

ONGC Discovers Large Oil and Gas in Mumbai Offshore Block

Haryana Implements a Rs. 5 Cow Cess Under New Excise Policy

Employees at Infosys receive awards in the form of equity shares under two schemes

Assets worth crores discovered during raid on MP engineer with the monthly earning Rs 30000

After 25 years, Johnny Depp will make his directorial return with the biopic Modi, about Amedeo Modigliani

Mukesh Ambani, the CEO of Reliance Jio, is in talks to buy MG Motors

Using Google Translate, an Andhra Pradesh woman aged 68, who was separated from her family in Kedarnath, was reunited

On June 22, President Biden will host Prime Minister Modi’s official state visit to the US

Gmail now has AI capabilities and can write emails for you

First UK child with DNA from three individuals is born following a revolutionary IVF process

According to PM Narendra Modi, India is becoming a major manufacturing hub because of our consistent and predictable policies

The Indian billionaire Biswanth Patnaik pledged $250 crore to the Jagannath Temple in the United Kingdom

Pre-wedding photography is bad for brides said head of the Chhattisgarh women’s panel

First Indian Global Ambassador for Luxury Brand Gucci became Alia Bhatt

‘The Kerala Story’ movie declared as tax-free in the state Haryana

“Baseless”: Geological Survey rejects reports of lithium reserves discovered in Rajasthan

In the running to become the new CEO of Twitter is Linda Yaccarino

First ‘flying motorcycle’ in the world goes on sale for $500000

Kerala man gets into difficulties when his wife gets into an accident CCTV images of a female friend

Stone Road from 7000 Years Ago Discovered At The Bottom Of The Mediterranean Sea

The fascinating tale of a Bengaluru QSR that makes 4.5 crores per month is Rameshwaram Cafe

Arrested Mumbai Boy Loots Jewellery Shop with Toy Gun to ‘Invest Money in Share Market’

Google Bard, a competitor to ChatGPT, arrives in India along with other nations

Meta Extends Test Of Ads On Reels With New Performance-Based Payout Model

Following an MOU with the Karnataka government, Foxconn buys 300 acres of land close to the Bengaluru airport for Rs 300 crore

According to a research, Mizoram is the happiest state in India

National Technology Day in 2023: History, Introduction, Importance

After J&K, new lithium resources were found in Rajasthan

The Kerala Story is banned in West Bengal to “maintain peace”

According to CM Jagan Reddy’s announcement, Visakhapatnam would be the capital of Andhra Pradesh

Scammer offered Pune guy a part-time job, but he lost Rs. 96 lakh from bank account as a result

Alert for a WhatsApp video call scam as international scammers target on unaware Indian users

After her divorce, a woman demands a complete refund from the wedding photographer

The ‘Oppenheimer’ trailer outs from Christopher Nolan arouses interest

More than 11000 retail orders are placed each day by ONDC after a year

The inspiring story of Nithin Kamath, CEO of Zerodha, about his father-in-law who owns a grocery store

Details on ONDC, including how to download, which cities are qualified, and how to utilise ONDC to order food more affordably

By 2027, the Indian government intends to ban four-wheeled diesel vehicles

Over 200 pairs of shoes worth Rs. 10 lakh were stolen by thieves, but they were all for the right foot

Information on the Mankind Pharma IPO’s Share Price Listing Date And Time On NSE, BSE

ONDC, a new food delivery service, serves food at a lower price than Swiggy and Zomato

In the midst of a six-day rise, Paytm shares reached Rs 700. These are Macquarie, Goldman Sachs, and Citi’s stock price targets

Indian WhatsApp users, be on the lookout for scam messages and calls coming from foreign numbers

Elon Musk describes his father and a difficult childhood, saying, “He has been bankrupt for 25 years.”

Fintech lending firm Bueno Finance has been acquired by BetterPlace

Go First CEO Kaushik Khona says the airline is suing Pratt & Whitney for $1.1 billion in damages

Multiple laws were broken in the Kerala tourist boat tragedy that cost 22 lives

Talking on a Mobile Device for More Than 30 Minutes May Increase Blood Pressure

Soon, customers will be able to purchase railway tickets online for their cat or dog through IRCTC

UK-wide recall of Cadbury chocolate desserts due to listeria concerns

Cash worth Rs. 4.5 crore was sized at a mansion in Kolar, Karnataka, before the election

Go First declares bankruptcy after owing more than Rs 11000 crore

Hyderabad Restaurant Ordered To Pay Rs. 20000 As Customer Compensation for finding Cockroaches in the Biryani

In poll-bound Karnataka, money literally grows on trees

With daily refined oil shipments to Europe of 360000 barrels, India surpasses Saudi Arabia

Google pays the full Rs. 1338 crore fine to CCI in the Android lawsuit

FASTag daily toll collection reaches a record high and surpasses 193 crore

The second-highest GST collection period is April 2023

IBM will replace back office and HR roles around 7800 jobs with AI

The LPG gas cylinder prices decreased by ₹171.50 in India

The first human flight in an electric wingsuit is accomplished by a skydiver

The venerable Eros Theatre in Mumbai is “not” being torn down, according to a story following Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri

Treasury Secretary Yellen cautions that the US may run out of money in a month

Launch of Nothing Smartphone Phone (2) is confirmed; business releases first teaser

Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma is currently instructing students in Japan

Backstreet Boys concert in India: The Mumbai hotel staff performs a “crazy” welcoming dance for the band members

HR director Saurabh Govil reports that 92% of freshers accepted Wipro’s offer to work for half salary

Ahead for the release of the iPhone 15, Apple is developing USB-C EarPods

India Becomes Largest Supplier of Refined Fuel to Europe

After losing Rs. 30 lakh on the stock market, a Bengaluru man seeks therapy to stop trading

Spam calls are to be reduced as thanks to a new rule that goes into effect for incoming calls and messages

5000 Go First employees are in a state of uncertainty as the company files for bankruptcy

SRK & Byju’s Staff Fined After IAS Aspirant’s Complaint

In March, WhatsApp banned more than 47 lakh Indian accounts

Hackers are putting Mac users at risk by selling new software that can steal all of your info on Telegram

According to a survey, over 83% of Indians have lost money as a result of artificial intelligence-generated scam calls

Dhirendra Prasad, an individual of Indian origin, stole from Apple 138 crore rupees

Threat to human jobs as IBM CEO anticipates replacing 7800 jobs with AI in the next five years

Beware, scammers are already placing fake QR codes for donations at the Badrinath-Kedarnath temple

Use of ChatGPT, Google Bard, Bing chatbot, and other AI tools is banned by Samsung

GST revenue for April reached the highest level ever of Rs 1.87 lakh crore

‘Godfather of AI’ Geoffrey Hinton leaves Google and issues a warning about job losses and other risks

Shah Rukh Khan reacts as his son Aryan Khan’s line of clothing sells out in a single day

Swiggy, a key player in foodtech, closes its premium grocery delivery business

The Kerala Story receives a “A” rating from the censor board, but 10 scenes including an interview with an ex-CM—are cut

According to CEO Arvind Krishna, IBM will freeze hiring and replace 7,800 positions with AI

Ola Electric will refund customers who purchased EV chargers Rs 130 crore

The iPhone’s wallet and health applications will undergo major updates in iOS 17 from Apple

Ineos, a chemical company, will purchase Manchester United in a deal worth a record-breaking Rs 51400 crore

Sanjiv Kapoor, the upcoming CEO of Jet Airways resigns

TCS says that all junior employees will receive 100% variable pay

Microsoft declares Windows 10 22H2 to be the official release. Know the steps to change on Windows 11

In FY23, IDFC FIRST Bank posted its highest-ever profit of Rs 2437 crore


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